Why Eurotherm makes a better controller

Why Eurotherm makes a better controller

Posted by Jim Ragland, Askco on 18th Apr 2014

We are often asked why use Eurotherm when there are many cheaper alternatives.  Here are four reasons.

1.  Eurotherm controls work...period.  They are in use around the world in every continent in every conceivable application.  If there is any possibility that a loop controller can automate the process, Eurotherm is the best choice

2.  Eurotherm does extensive research and development on control products long before they become production items.  That ensures robust innovation for every developing control regimen and excellent engineering support for installed products.

3.  It's your application....whats it worth?  $ 100/hr?  $ 500/hr? $ 20K+ ??  Don't you really want a controller thats easy to use, easy to understand, and controls so well that you come to rely on it year after year?

4.  Eurotherm maintains a vast library of application tips, spare parts, and control methods.  Your process no matter the size is important enough to demand Eurotherm.  You'll be glad you did.