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NEW !! EPC line of Eurotherm controls are here

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We are very pleased to announce a replacement for the older 2200 and 2400 series of controls !  Not only do these all ship with 485 communications, all can also be ordered with optional Ethernet comms.  These are robust units,easily replacing the most demanding application.  All sizes are available for purchase here.  Additional models are also readily available by calling our office today at 713 645-9898

Why Eurotherm makes a better controller

We are often asked why use Eurotherm when there are many cheaper alternatives.  Here are four reasons.1.  Eurotherm controls work...period.  They are in use around the world in every continent in every conceivable application.  If there is any possibility that a loop controller can automate the process, Eurotherm is the best choice2.  Eurotherm does extensive [...]

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