Askco offers many types of resistive heaters for process and automation.  Although there are many different types, most work off of resistance windings and heat the process through surface contact between the heated element and the material that needs to be worked. We stock many popular products and can provide most heaters in 72 hours or less where needed.  Call Askco with your heater requirements today!

Cartridge heatersNichrome resistance coils are threaded into holes formed in ceramic tubes. MgO filler is packed into and around the coils to allow maximum heat transfer to the steel sheath. The heater, then has a heliarc welded end cap inserted on the bottom of the heater and insulated leads is installed as a heat controller.

Strip heaters:  mica insulators are wrapped with resistance ribbons and then sandwiched between insulators before being compressed into a flat steel jacket.

Band heaters: strip heaters are formed into Electric band heaters by gradually rolling the strip heater into a ring.  A clamping mechanism is usually added to secure the heater to the tubing or piping assembly needing heat.  Call us at 800 424-9898 today to discuss your heater need.

Tubular heaters:  Tube heaters, much like oven elements are the workhorse of industry.  They are widely used in many commercial and industrial applications. Standard diameters are .260”, .315”, .375”, .430”, .496”, and .625”. Other special sizes are available. Depending on the diameter, lengths can be supplied up to 268”. Standard sheath materials are Incoloy®, stainless steel, or copper coated steel. The typical electrical termination is a ceramic insulator with a threaded stud terminal.

Cast aluminum heaters: where uniform heat is demanded, cast heaters excel.  Poured into a mold with imbedded tubular elements and then machine finished to custom specifications, cast heaters can last for many years and provide outstanding temperature control.  Available in platen, band, and custom shapes.  Casting materials are usually aluminum or bronze.  We manufacture many of these in 3 weeks or less.  Compare to the industry standard of 10+ weeks and choose Askco first for all your heater requirements