EA12 low torque spring return actuator 170 degree stroke


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The Barber Colman/Eurotherm  EA12 actuator is a spring return gear driven crankshaft actuator for two position operation of dampers, valves or other equipment that requires return to normal position upon power interruption.

The hardened steel crankshaft is driven through a train of precision hobbed gears. The actuator is driven by a shaded pole motor that is completely submerged in oil and sealed in an aluminum case to assure long life and minimum maintenance.

The gear train of the EA12 crank actuator is also sealed in oil. Working in conjunction with primary loop controllers, these power units are ideal for ON-OFF control of valves and dampers. The EA12 travel time is 20 seconds and its travel limit is 170 degrees clockwise. The spring return is counterclockwise to the original position when de-energized.